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Rotary Friendship Exchange

What is Rotary Friendship Exchange?

Rotary Friendship Exchange is an international exchange program for Rotarians and Rotary couples.

It provides participants with the opportunity to experience other cultures by staying in the homes of Rotarians, visiting their clubs and participating in the humanitarian projects of their communities.

What are the program's goals?

The goals of the exchange are:

   ·    To advance international understanding and peace through visits across borders.

   ·    To promote interclub relationships, fellowships and service projects.

   ·    The Rotarians participating gain the opportunity to make long lasting friendships while exploring different areas of the world.

The Friendship Exchange Program is one of Rotary International's nine structured programs to help clubs and districts achieve service goals in their communities and communities abroad while fostering fellowship and goodwill between countries.

Want to know more about Rotary Friendship Exchange?

   ·    Download our brochure... (Coming Soon!)

   ·    Follow our recent Friendship Exchange to Nepal via photos on Shutterfly, Click Here

Have questions about the Rotary Friendship Exchange Program?

   ·    Contact PDG Tulsi Maharjan (Friendship Exchange Chair)

Want to know when the next Friendship Exchange Team will visit?

   ·    Our upcoming exchange to Nepal, September 2015.

Are you interested in joining the Rotary Friendship Exchange Program Committee? Want to speak with someone? 

   ·    Contact Tulsi R. Maharjan, Ph.D.