Rotary District 7620 Foundation Newsletter
                                   November 2013

Welcome from the District Foundation Chair

Dear Rotarians,
I would like to welcome you to our first District Foundation Quarterly Newsletter, "Engage!"  The name seems appropriate considering our 2013-2014 Rotary Theme from RI President, Ron Burton, "Engage Rotary, Change Lives."  This letter is to help you Engage with our Rotary Foundation.
Your Foundation Team hopes that you will take the time to read the important information that will be inside each edition and find useful tips and reports to help you with your fundraising, grant writing, reporting, or just check where your Club stands on your yearly giving to date.

You will also find success stories on District and Global projects that many of our Clubs take on each year. Of course, we will keep you informed on our fight to beat Polio once and for all.  There will be something of interest for each Rotarian or Club and hope you will help by sharing your success stories with the rest of the District.
As your DRFC, I am proud to be associated with a terrific group of dedicated Rotarians throughout our District who believe in doing good in the world and in their communities. I also want to recognize the dedication of Past District Governor Rob Brown who dedicated over 10 years leading the District Foundation. Thank you PDG Rob for your love of the Foundation.
In the past three years, we have taken great strides being a Foundation Pilot District for The Future Visions Program and I thank each and every Rotarians for their patience while we have learned how to Do Good In the World with the new Future Visions program.  We are now moving forward with Future Visions throughout the entire World.
Please enjoy reading our first edition of Engage!
Claude Morissette, DRFC 2012-2015

In this Issue:

-  News from the Chairs

- The Annual Programs Fund

- Foundation Advocate Tips

- Paul Harris Recognition Points

- New Global Water Project Update

- Rotary Endowment Fund

- Helping Me Better Myself

- The Polio Endgame

- Paul Harris Society
   Earns Official Recognition

- Monthly Contribution Reports

- Contact Information

News From the Chairs

The Foundation Team in the District is headed by several committee chairs, including Grants, Annual Programs Fund SHARE, Polio Plus, Paul Harris Society, and Major Gifts.  Read a brief headline from each of the District's Chairs giving you a quick insight into each committee's most recent efforts. For the full roundup, click here.

The Annual Programs Fund

Is there anything more confusing than the APF SHARE program?  Read APF Chair Ken Solow's easy explanation of SHARE and learn why it is so important to your club and to the District.  Also, check out the link to a terrific training video you won't want to miss.  For the full article, click here.

The Rotary Foundation Endowment Fund

"Rotary's tomorrow depends on what we do today"

You can give to the Rotary Foundation in three ways, you can give to Polio Plus, to the Annual Programs Fund SHARE, or you can give to the Endowment Fund.  Gifts to the Endowment fund are gifts that are investments in the future of Rotary and the Rotary Foundation.  Here Rich Carson gives you an excellent overview of the Endowment Fund and how you can contribute. For the full article, click here.

Foundation Advocate Tips

Paul Harris Recognition Points - A great way to incentivize giving

The Foundation Advocates are tireless in helping club's raise money for the Annual Programs Fund SHARE program.  Here Advocate Doug Dribben shares some fantastic advice about how to harvest and use Paul Harris recognition points to boost your club's Foundation giving. For the full article, click here.

A new Global Water Project Funded by a Global Grant 

Of the six areas of focus for TRF to fund projects "that do good in the world," one of the most popular is projects that provide fresh water.  Read about the Fredericktown club's new project supported by a District 7620 global grant to provide fresh water to the village of Oltorotua in Southern Kenya. For the full article, click here.

Helping Me to Be a Better Person

Every once in awhile a fellow Rotarian brings us back to basics with a beautiful discussion about why we do what we do in Rotary.  Read Becky Mangus's wonderfully written piece called "Helping Me be a Better Person."  You will be glad you did. For the full article, click here.

The Polio Endgame

It's Time to Reenergize our Efforts

Raj Saini has been the Polio Plus chair in District 7620 for years.  Here he writes about the "endgame" for polio eradication, possibly the most exciting time in the history of Rotary.  Learn more about how we will finally rid the earth of this horrifying disease and why this moment might be the moment we are most proud to be Rotarians. For the full article, click here.

Paul Harris Society Earns Official Recognition  

One of the biggest challenges for clubs trying to support the Rotary Foundation is to create a SUSTAINABLE campaign that provides a "floor" of Foundation giving that makes contribution goals easy to obtain.  One key to success is building a strong Paul Harris Society in your club.  Here PHS Chair Anna-Mae Kobbe discusses the PHS and provides a few tips on increasing PHS membership. For the full article, click here.

Additional Resources

Monthly Contribution Reports

Click here for the District 7620 monthly club contribution reports.

Contact Information

Click here for the District 7620 Foundation contact information.
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