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Each year, thousands participate in Rotary's educational and youth programs, all known for fostering international understanding and friendship.


But the experience doesn't have to end when the program is over.


Participants chose Rotary because of its commitment to world understanding.


As alumni, they have an extended network of people who share a common bond.


They'll always be part of the family of Rotary.


Getting involved with Rotary


Want to give back to The Rotary Foundation? Interested in renewing old friendships and making new ones? Here are some ways Foundation alumni can remain connected.

Stay involved with Rotary

Rotary offers a network of people who share similar values. If you've just relocated and are looking to meet people or find a job in your community, why not contact your local Rotary club?


Staying involved with Rotary builds upon your Foundation experience. Consider joining a Rotaract or Rotary club.

Connect to other alumni and Rotarians

Join your local alumni association, or organize one in your area. Rotary Foundation alumni coordinators can provide resources and contacts. Download a list of alumni coordinators (PDF), and get tips on how Rotarians and alumni can reach out to each other.

Find service opportunities

Rotary is most likely very active in a community near you. Give back by joining other Foundation alumni who have volunteered on Rotary club or district projects. Your sponsor counselor, host counselor, local club, or Rotary Foundation alumni coordinator can help connect you to volunteer opportunities.

Share your Rotary experience

Alumni are the best advocates of Foundation programs. By passing on your experience to others, you can inspire future ambassadors of goodwill and promote Rotary's ideals. You can help recruit program participants, participate in inbound and outbound orientation sessions, or act as an adviser to Rotary clubs or districts. Speak at a Rotary club meeting, or mentor current Foundation program participants, Interactors, or Rotaractors.

Give to The Rotary Foundation

Rotary's values first attracted you to its programs. The goal to further international understanding through effective educational and humanitarian programs around the world continues today. Your gift ensures that these programs will last well into the future.