Public Relations
Public relations efforts are vital to Rotary's continued growth and service. Creating a positive image for Rotary is the responsibility of every Rotarian, both locally and globally.

Effective PR campaigns build positive, strong relationships with their audiences. But promoting Rotary's work in the best possible way and sharing your stories effectively with the public and the media are not easy tasks.

The following documents are provided as resources for you to use by simply clicking on the name in the download list below:


- PR Tip Sheet: TV
- PR Tip Sheet: Radio
- PR Tip Sheet: Billboards
- Print and Online Media
- Effective Public Relations - 6910
- Email Etiquette - Effective Communication
- Newsletter Article Assignment

Click the links below to view Rotary International Public Relations resources:

  • Public Relations

- Public Relations Writing
- Working with the Media
- Promoting Rotary
- Measuring Success
- Humanity in Motion
- Download Resources
- PR Grants
- Humanity in Motion Public Service Announcements

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PR Tip Sheet: TV Print and Online Media
PR Tip Sheet: Radio Effective Public Relations-6910
PR Tip Sheet: Billboards Email Etiquette-Effective Communications