Our Club History

Interesting Facts about the Rotary Club of Calistoga


1924 - The Weekly Calistogan reports that 100% of the new Rotary Club went to Oakland for a 2-day Rotary Convention.


1933 - Calistoga Rotary signs a Boy Scout Charter for Troop 18 with 26 local boys.


1945 - June 15th - "Arle Lommel joined Rotary today".


1946 - President Alan Evans welcomed Walter Fox, as a new member of Rotary.


1958 - Approved 3 new Rotary signs for the roads leading to Calistoga.


1962 - "John Nolasco was at the Native Sons meeting, but was sent for so he could accept the honor of being our new president.  Mrs. Stanton served cake that she baked - it was damn good, too."


1962 - Motion approved to purchase a cane for Mrs. Fred Dobbs.


1964 - Rotary donates $1,000 to the Alpine Fire Department to replace equipment they lost in the forest fire.


1968 - Letter to all members: "According to our suggested established policy, we are now asking for comments on our food and meeting place."


1970 - Approved $198 for new resuscitator for the Calistoga Police Department.


1979 - Rural-Urban meeting will have New York cut steaks instead of the barbecue.  Cost $7.50


1983 - Motion approved to give past presidents a pin, "but without the diamond".


1985 - Harry Diner made a motion to give $200. to the Presbyterian Church to purchase paper goods for the senior lunch every Saturday.  Motion passed.


1999 - Megan Van Dyke has been selected as a Rotarian Youth Exchange student to Switzerland