Social Events

We love to have Fun!  We have at least 1 social event a month.  See below for details of many of our common Social Events:

5:31 Club

On the first Thursday of the month, at 5:31pm, we meet at a local pub.  The pub changes each month but the drinks, food, and friendship is what keeps up coming each month!


Euchre Party

Every 1-2 months, a large group of members (and spouses or friends) get together in a member's home to enjoy a fun, yet competitive, Euchre Party.  The game is tournament style and is open to experienced players, as well as those just learning how to play.  The winner goes home with the Euchre Medal and bragging rghts until the next game.  If you haven't attended a Euchre Party yet, then you are definetly missing a lot of fun!


Holiday Party 

In December, we host our annual Holiday Party.  For the last several years, the party starts with a reception with appetizers, drinks, and friendship among all.  Then in groups of 8 to 12 people, we move to Host Homes where a catered dinner is served.  During dinner, we have an opportunity to learn more about member and their spouse/significant other, while enjoying a wonderful food and drinks.  This party is a must for all!

50's and 60's Party

Details pending


Tacky Toursit Party

Details pending