About the Catonsville Rotary Club
Why Was This Club Created?
We are a part of Rotary International's turn of the century emphasis on starting and growing new clubs that cater to the service desires of the post - boom generation. RI surveyed our region in terms of existing service clubs versus the demographics of our community and found that Catonsville was "underserved". We were sponsored by the Rotary Club of Columbia Town Center - and gathered together through the efforts of Rotary District 7620 and the early leaders.

Our Club Philosophy
Most of us are in business and have families, but we want to serve our community and the world. The most efficient way for us to do this is to Use the Global Reach of RI and the Format of Rotary to serve our Community and our World. Sometimes that service comes from the checkbook; sometimes it comes from rolling your sleeves up. Either way, Rotary provides us with a way to use our talents in an efficient way to serve our communities.

Our Club Goals
Each year we re-evaluate goals and what we are doing to achieve those goals. We have goals related to serving our local community, serving the international community, serving the youth of our community, and serving our club.

Why You Should Become A Rotarian In Our Club
If your desire to serve the community and world, while enjoying wthe 0arm fellowship of others in the community who are also service-minded, you should be a part of the Rotary Club of Catonsville, Maryland.