Grove Rotary Foundation
The Grove Rotary club established the Grove Rotary Foundation, Inc. as a tax exempt, 501(c)3 entity to enable persons, organizations, and companies to contribute to it and potentially receive a tax deduction, depending upon their specific tax situation. The following is the mission of our foundation:

The Grove Rotary Foundation was created to foster education, support charitable purposes, and assist scientific purposes by making a difference in the local community. The Mission of this Foundation is to focus its funding primarily for the following:

EDUCATION: Enhance, by offering financial and volunteer assistance, student educational development through and beyond high school whether it is college, technical training, apprentice training or other professional training.

CHARITABLE: Provide assistance through groups and organizations to sustain health, dignity, protection, and to furnish generosity toward the needy. Our mission also includes selected local projects that lessen the financial burdens of government.

Important Grove Rotary Foundation documents in printable format:

Foundation Mission Statement: This document describes the Foundation Mission and it is used to judge the performance of the Foundation in meeting its stated mission.

Foundation By-Laws: Our By-laws frame the operational boundaries as well as set forth the Foundation operating structure.

Foundation Conflict of Interest Policy: We must be alert to possible conflicts of interests involving yourself or others.

Foundation Scholarship Policy: This policy establishes the policy and procedures, as well as record keeping requirements, relating to the awarding of educational scholarships and grants. It incorporates IRS requirements relating to non-discrimination, record keeping, and other compliance related matters.

Grove Rotary Scholarship Application: The Rotary Club of Grove Oklahoma, through its Foundation will award three 4-Year College Scholarships valued at $6,400 to graduating students of Grove High School payable in four equal annual installments of $1,600 over four academic years.

Foundation Investment Policy: This policy establishes investment criteria as well as establishing procedures for financial vendors that are discharging Foundation investments.

Records Retention Policy: This policy establishes what records must be maintained as well as their length of retention. It's also important to annually store these records in a centralized location.

Charitable Giving Guidelines, Application Form (doc) (right mouse click and select 'save link as'). You can then open the form with MS Word, fill in the fields in the form, save it, and attach it to an email and send to the address shown in the form. This document outlines the guidelines for a charitable organization to receive a donation from the Grove Rotary Foundation.

Statement of Interest for Appointment to the Education Committee (pdf)

Education Committee Policies & Procedures