If you miss a meeting and would like to enter a "Make Up" you can watch a video (click on the Club Videos link on the home page of this web site) of one of our meetings.  Then all you have to do is to follow these steps to record the makeup:

1) Login to DACdb. 
If you have never logged in before follow these steps:
Click on the “DACdb Member Login” button on the homepage of this web site. 
To log into the District and Club Database (DaCdb), you will need:
• Your user name, which is your email address that you use for Grove Rotary
• Your password is you last name in all lowercase. For example: smith
• Our Club# is 2481. (This is not required on the login screen)
• If you check “Remember Me” you won’t have enter your user name and password everytime.
          If you have problems logging in please contact Ron Walters or Suzanne Knott for help.

Please change your password by clicking on 'My Data' while you are in DaCdb and then select the Login tab.
2) Follow these steps in this link --> Entering Banked Makeups