Lake Oswego Rotary Interact Projects 2015-2017

Lake Oswego Interact gives students ages 12-18 a chance to make a real difference as a “community base” club (representing both Lakeridge and Lake Oswego High Schools) while having fun.

Under the guidance of Rotary Advisor, Ted Ricks, our Lake Oswego Rotary Interact club carries out service projects during the year that help our schools and community and that promote international understanding. 

3/24 & 4/19/2017  Community Projects
 5/15/2017   Tyron State Park Demonstrations
6/23/2014  End of the year BBQ
10/8/2017 Portland Marathon 
11/14/2017 LO Adult Community Center

1/29/2016 Heart2Heart farm service project
2/7/2016 Nightestrike Mission Volunteering
6/18/2016  Lobsterfeed Team
8/18/2016 Lorenza Pasotti -Exchange Student
9/17/2016 Oregon Food Bank 2016
10/9/2016 Portland Marathon Volunteering 2016 
12/3/2016 Lake Oswego Adult Community Center
12/10/2016 Christmas Baskets
12/3/2016 Lake Oswego Adult Community Center

8/4/2015 Oregon Food Bank 2015 
9/4/2015 Oregon City Homless Center 
10/4/2015 Portland Marathon Volunteering
11/7/2015 Lake Oswego Adult Community Center
12/14/2015 Syrian Shelter Box Refugees