"Rotary Corner"

 Jumping for joy!  The attending members of the Lebanon Rotary levitate at the Rotary Corner Celebration on May22nd, 2014.  The celebration was to honor the City of Lebanon, Lebanon Downtown Farmer's Market, and Drew Briese Construction for the great work.  Finally done!

The day was beautiful and perfect for the opening day for the Farmer's Market.  People walking around enjoying the day and checking out the benches and planters cvhanging the look of the corner of Grant and Main.

 The project started several years ago as an opporutnity to clean up and change the look of Mural Park.  Rotary was interested in helping with this and the City Parks Committee was looking into it at the same time.  After several meetings it ws determined the cost to spruce up Mural Park would be in excess of $100,000.  Funding by the City fo Lebanon and the Lebanon Rotary Club was limited.  No one wanted to change Mural Park in a piece-meal fashion, a little bit every year.  Jason Williams of the city suggested the corner of Grant and Main which had just gotten the trees removed and wa only a patch of gravel.  The Rotary Club came up with $4,000 and the city would fund the rest.


The city had contracted Drew Briese Construction which turned out fantastic.  Drew did wonders with the concrete.  At one point the president of the Rotary Club , I (Dale Hall), was notified that the planters and benches were in place but they were not according to the plan agreed upon.  I went down to the corner and confronted Drew.  He had changed his mind after seeing the site... that turned out to be fantastic.  This design was much better.  He used vertical stamped concrete to create the planters and benches,  and the Rotary Symbol is at the center of it all.


Dale gave thanks and appreciation to the City, specifically Jason Williams whom we dealt with mostly.  Drew Briese who did a very good job.  We also presented Drew with a check for $100 in his nome to donate to his ongoing project of a skate park in Lebanon.  We also thanked the Farmer's Market represented by Michelle.



Steve Matthes was present representing District 5110 for Rotary and provided these pictures.  Wish we had one with him in it, he has been great.  Several members of the club attended.  Alesanne Dugan set up the event and served free cookies and beverages.