New Beginnings

Efforts to begin a Rotary Club in the city of Loganville, Georgia began in the year 2000 through the vision of Sheryl Fambrough, a prominent Walton County attorney.

The first 11 members met on May 30, 2002, although the Club did not yet have enough members to officially charter.  These first 11 members were Eva Atcock, Kenneth Braswell, Nick Church, Kathy Dockery, Sheryl Fambrough, Trish Gates, Jerry Johnson, BJ Laterveer, Art O'Neill, Katie Petit, and Scott Walker.

An article appeared in the June 2, 2002 issue of the Walton Tribune reporting about the efforts to start the Club.

The Club began to experience rapid growth in the second half of 2002, reporting 21 members on August 29, 30 members on September 26, 34 members on October 31, and 37 members on November 14. 

On November 22, 2002, the Club became official with 36 charter members.

True Committment

Three charter members are still currently with the Club:  Nick Church, Sheryl Fambrough, and Scott Walker.