Presidents of the New Haven Rotary Club

*George J. Bassett   1917-19
*Donald A. Adams, PDG -1922-23, PPRI-1925-26 PH-1971, 1919-20
*Murray Sargent   1920-21
*James Thwing   1921-22
*Irville A. May   1922-23
*Vernon H. Hodges, PDG-1929-30   1923-24
*Fred J. Dawless   1924-25
*Levi T. Snow   1925-26
*Wallace C., Hutton   1926-27
* Donald J. North   1927-28
*Ray J. Reigeluth   1928-29
*George B. Lovell, PDG-1955-56   1929-30
*Floyd I. Newton   1930-31
*Edgar L.Heermance   1931-32
*Arthur T. Nabstedt   1932-33
*Walter B. Spencer   1933-34
*Holloway Kilborn   1934-35
*Clarence W. Bronson   1935-36
*Edwin B. Gilbert   1936-37
*Clarence M. Blair   1937-38
*Karl G. Knabenshuh, PDG-1945-46   1938-39
*Richard H. Clapp   1939-40
*Herbert L. Seward   1940-41
*Henry A. Behre PH-1978 1941-42
*W. Gordon Brown   1942-43
*George Matthesen   1943-44
*Joseph B. Morse   1944-45
*Frederick Franz   1945-46
*H. Gordon Sweet   1946-47
*Charles A. Williams   1947-48
*Theodore D. Shapleigh   1948-49
*George A. Garratt   1949-50
*Charles K. Gordy   1950-51
*Pieter J. van Heiningen   1951-52
*Edward L. Flahive   1952-53
*Irving G. Richey   1953-54
*Walter C. Wardner, PDG-1966-67   1954-55
*Clarence I. Platt   1955-56
*Charles F. Grisham, PDG-1961-62   1956-57
*Frederick T. Backstrom   1957-58
*Robert I. Metcalf PH-1974 1958-59
Daniel W. Kops   1959-60
*Frank G. Chadwick, Jr.   1960-61
*Hilton C. Buley, PDG-1972-73 PH-1977 1961-62
*Marvin K. Peterson   1962-63
*J. DeForest Venter   1963-64
*William T. Beazley   1964-65
*Richard W. Davidson   1965-66
Robert W. Endruschat   1966-67
Roger Addil   1967-68
F. Allen Sherk   1968-69
Stanley S. Bronski   1969-70
*Howard W. Maschmeier   1970-71
*John P. Kebabian, Sr. PH-1985 1971-72
John H. Craig   1972-73
*Donald A. Spargo   1973-74
*Rollin W. Mettler, Jr., PDG-1977-78 PH-1982 1974-75
*Roy A. Michaels, PDG-1983-84 PH-1983 1975-76
Alan E. Lang PH-1982 1976-77
*Russell R. Andersen PH-1997 1977-78
Robert G. Herpe   1978-79
Ara M. Baltayan, Dist.D.A.A. Award-1997 PH-1983 1979-80
*Alfred F.Ahlberg, PDG-1992-93, Dist.D.A.A. Award-1990. PH-1988
*Donald A. Jacobs PH-1984 1981-82
Andrew M. DiPietro PH-1996 1982-83
William M. Karnofsky PH-1986 1983-84
Richard M. Turner, III   1984-85
*Robert E. Dow PH-1987 1985-86
W. Edward Dowling   1986-87
Richard B. Buckley PH-1992 1987-88
Richard J.Guandalini PH-1992 1988-89
Eliot N. Jameson PH-1992 1989-90
Ronald C. Osach PH-1987 1990-91
Walter J. Nester, Jr.   1991-92
Lee S. Titus PH-1995 1992-93
Eric C. Minotti   1993-94
Carmen A. Magnano PH-1990 1994-95
Anita M. Silvestro PH-1997 1995-96
Manfred Meisenkothen PH-1995 1996-97
Anthony M. Marks PH-1998 1997-98
Joseph A. Szarek PH-1997 1998-99
Colin M. Gershon, Dist.D.A.A. Award-2003, PDG-2009-2010 PH-1999 1999-00
Douglas K. Lisk PH-1999 2000-01
Alfred Guntermann PH-2000 July 01
John P. Nutcher PH-2000 2001-02
John P. Nutcher, Repeat   2002-03
Arthur J. Randolph PH-2000 2003-04
Dr. Diane E. Sholomskas, PH-2001 2004-05
Thomas Beirne, III   2005-06
Carl G.Ek PH-2004 2006-07
Virginia Zawoy   2007-08
Chief Dennis W. Daniels PH-2002 2008-09
Albert May PH-2005 2009-10
Sharon Sudusky PH-2005 2010-11
Ronald  C. Osach, P.P.-1990-91 PH-1987 2011-12

* - Deceased
PH - Paul Harris Fellow and Year First Awarded
PDG - Past District Governor
PPRI - Past President Rotary International
Dist. D.A.A. Award - District Donald A. Adams Award

NOTE:  The Paul Harris Fellowship program was initiated in 1957 by Rotary International as a means of expressing appreciation to an individual for having given tangible and significant assistance (in) the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of the world. A Paul Harris Fellow is designated by Rotary International upon application by a Rotary club on behalf of any person who has given such tangible and significant assistance.

The contribution may be in the form of a significant service or monetary donation for the benefit of the club and the community. Many New Haven Rotarians of the past and present, besides the past presidents, have been designated Paul Harris Fellows for their significant contributions since 1957. As a result, to date, the New Haven club has contributed more than $160,000 to the Rotary Foundation as its share of the multi-billion fund used in helping to improve living conditions for all peoples of the world, including programs right in our own backyard.