Major Projects - Explore Oak Ridge®


During the 2013/2014 Rotary Year, the ORBRC Board of Directors decided that the club could afford to present a “gift” of some kind to the Oak Ridge community, something prominent that would reflect nicely on Rotary and on the Oak Ridge Breakfast Rotary Club.  The idea was presented to the membership and a call for suggestions was issued.  Some twenty ideas were received and reviewed extensively by an ad hoc Signature Project Selection Committee.  After considerable discussion, the Committee selected and the membership approved a mobile "app," later named “Explore Oak Ridge®,” as the winning candidate.  It became one of the club’s major projects.

Early in 2015 the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Oak Ridge (CVB), headed by ORBRC member Marc DeRose, approached the club about using the Explore Oak Ridge® name and logo for a new marketing campaign for the city.  After consultation with an attorney, the Signature Project Committee decided to license the name and logo to CVB, to be used to promote Oak Ridge. The committee felt that partnering with the CVB would significatntly enhance the club's efforts to help people learn about our city.  It also allowed CVB to proceed with its marketing campaign.  As port of that campaign, CVB developed a beautiful website that provides extensive information about the city, its amenities, activities, and opportunities.

The club's Signature Project is now focussed on development of an interactive app that focusses on historical sites around the Oak Ridge and its surroundings.  It will provide ready access to text and photographs about each site.  The vision is that users are able to select a specific site and use the app to learn about and tour it with app in hand.