Major Projects - Literacy Luncheon

For more than 25 years, Altrusa International of Oak Ridge and the Oak Ridge Breakfast Rotary Club have partnered in a program that provides grants to literacy-related organizations in this area.  The primary fund-raiser is a Literacy Luncheon in the Spring each year, hosted by both clubs.  Applications for grant funding are accepted through December of that year and are reviewed by a Selection Committee of Altrusans and Rotarians.  Wiiners are announced early in the following year and celebrated during March in conjunction with Rotary International's Literacy Month. 


Current Literacy Grantees 








ADFAC ($2,500).  Purchase school supplies for families without means.


Anderson County Schools ($848).  Purchase picture books for use by teachers.         


Briceville Elementary School ($1,776).  Purchase STEM books for library.


Clinton Middle School 1  ($760).  Purchase young adult novels for library.


Clinton Middle School 2 ($263).  Purchase books for classroom.


Emory Valley Center ($1,354).  Purchase flannel boards and sets for classrooms.


ETTAC ($2,230).  Expand book club program for adults with disabilities into Anderson and Roane Counties.


Girls Inc ($1,600).


Grand Oaks Elementary School ($1,000).  Purchase Litebox Interactive e-books for e-library.


Jefferson Middle School ($1,447).  Books and materials for cross-curriculum project based learning program for 7th graders.


Lake City Middle School ($950).  Purchase male-character books for library.


Norris Middle School ($843),  Purchase Expand Your Horizons books to enhance cultural competencies.


Norwood Middle School ($800).  Purchase non-fiction books for school library.


Roane County Schools ($1,600).  Purchase Reading A-Z Web resources for teachers.


Roane Imagination Library (354).  Purchase books for homeless children.


Willow Brook Elementary 1 ($1,100).  Purchase Literacy Family Fun Packs for home learning.


Willow Brook Elementary 2 ($786).  Purchse materials for Jake Maddox Sports Video Club'







Literacy Grant Application Form




To access an Application Form for a Literacy Grant, click here.  To receive a Word version by email, contact Tony Lester at 599-6967 or



Disbursement Request Form




To access a Disbursement Request Form, click here.  To receive a Word version by email, contact the ORBRC Foundation Treasurer at 865-483-9272 or by email at