About ORBRC - Club Assembly



Periodically, a ORBRC conducts a Club Assembly, to inform, educate, and challenge the membership about the status of club plans and activities for the current Rotary Year.  Following is a summary of the December 7, 2016 Assembly.


Club Assembly December 2016

President Emily Jernigan reported that:

             -We raised $912 for Hunters for the Hungry, triple our goal.                                                

             -ORBRC joined with several other organizations to pilot a new program, Career Pathways, intended to build self-confidence and motivation to disadvantaged young people by providing nine weeks of work experience in a real job at a local business. They also receive mentoring and financial tutoring at ORHS.

             -ORBRC needed to move from Tech20/20 in October.  A search for a new meeting place was initiated promptly.  It is nearing completion.  Meanwhile, the club has been meeting on a temporary basis in the large meeting room at the Oak Ridge Utility District.  Our new caterer continues to do a fine job.

             -We have taken in ten new members this Rotary Year.  The club goal is nine new members for the entire year. 

             -ORBRC supported five students in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards  (RYLA) program.

             -We licensed use of the club’s logo, Explore Oak Ridge, to a civic organization,  the Secret City Festival, for use in the city’s summer festival, Celebrate Oak Ridge.

             -We, along with neighboring Rotary clubs, donated a total of $10,000 to a site for the Friendship Bell.

            -We are working with neighboring Rotary clubs to develop a major fundraiser based on summer water events.


ORBRC Foundation Chair Fred Barry reported that:

             -The Foundation distributed $13,500 in grants during 2016.

             -The Foundation donated approximately $5,000 to designated charities during 2016.

             -The club auction raised approximately $10,000; other income totaled about $8,000.

             -The Foundation is budgeting $15,000 for Community Action Grants in 2017.