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ORBRC's "Rotarian of the Year" Award


Judi Gray receives ORBRC's Rotarian of the Year award for 2016


In 1986, Clyde Hopkins was named the club’s first “Man of the Year.” The honor was renamed “Rotarian of the Year” in 1991 when the award went to Wanda Craven, the club’s first woman member.  In 1995, Wanda became our first woman president.


This award winner is chosen by ORBRC's Club Awards Committee.  The winner receives a $1,000 donation to the Rotary Foundation or to the ORBRC Foundation, or to some combination of the two.

A winner of this award meets most or all of the following criteria:

Judi Gray was named "Rotarian of the Year" during ORBRC's October 19, 2016 meeting.  She was selected by a six-member committee chaired by Dub Shults.  She was cited for extensive service rendered to ORBRC and to the community.  She has served as Vice President-External and Programs Committee Chair.  She was a force behind the creation of our Holiday Bake Sale event.  She co-chaired our Mystery Dinner twice.  She works with other members on our biennial Auction, our annual World Rotary Day insert in the Oak Ridger, and our Fellowship Committee.  She is working with a three-club committee to develop an annual "Rotary Signature Event" for Oak Ridge.  Judi also represents Rotary well in the community.  For many years, she has worked on the annual Lunch 4 Literacy luncheon in Oak Ridge, the joint fund raiser of ORBRC and Altrusa-Oak Ridge.  She has worked with Girls Inc, TORCH, and the Free Medical Clinic.  Judi is currently working on a civic committee that is developing a major event for the city entitled "Celebrate Oak Ridge."  Her nomination states: "If the club needs someone to do something, Judi will always be there.  And she does what she commits to do."  Judi Gray exemplifies Rotarian of the Year.  

Former "Rotarian of the Year" winners are:

1986 Clyde Hopkins
1987 Roy Pruett
1988 Dave Coffey*
1989 Bo Harris*
1990 Robin Textor*
1991 Wanda Craven
1992 David Wilson
1993 Herman Postma
1994 Dan Robbins*
1995 Joe Lenhard*
1996 Ruby Miller*
1997 Dub Shults*
1998 Larry Dipboye
1999 JoAnn Garrett*
2000 Frank Jamison
2001 Ken Brady
2002 Karen Bridgeman
2003 Randy Shults
2004 Jim Bradbury*
2005 Gus Sadler
2006 Lou Rabinowitz*
2007 Pat Postma*
2008 Robin Textor*
2009 Cathy Toth*
2010 Tom Lakers*
2011 Linda Brown* & Dave McCoy
2012 Tom Clary*
2013 Brenda Thornburgh*
2014 Pat Imperato*
2015 Jim Palmer*

2016 Judi Gray                   



  To view a copy of the nomination form, click here.   



 ORBRC's "Service Above Self" Award    


Jim and Mary Ann Hardy received ORBRC's Service Above Self award for 2015. 
Dub Shults presented the award.

President Wilbur "Dub" Shults established ORBRC's Service Above Self award in 2000, to honor non-Rotarians and organizations that have performed exceptional,sacrificial service within the community over an extended period of time.  In the context of this award, "service" designates sustained personal effort of a volunteer nature that is not a component of an individual's occupation.  In essence, the award strives to recognize those who do wondrous things for others, but are likely to go unrecognized. The award provides a $1,000 contribution to the effort of the winner or to a charity or charities designated by the winner.

Winners of the Service Above Self award must meet most if not all of the following criteria:

The team of Jim and Mary Ann Hardy is the winner of ORBRC's Service Above Self award for 2015.  They have quietly and humbly given of themselves to improve the lot of others for many years.  They have done so through volunteer work for ADFAC, the Oak Ridge Playhouse, TORCH, Habitat for Humanity, and the First United Methodist Church.  Their volunteer work comprises youth counselling, domestic and international mission trips, hands-on construction work, service on boards and committees, and financial support.  Mary Ann is known as one who does anything and everything for the Playhouse, including serving as board president, chair of the Junior Playhouse, chair of working committees, fund raising, construction of sets and props, miscellaneous production duties, and even a stint as an actress.  Jim is known as a master carpenter for ADFAC (handicap ramps), the Playhouse (sets), and Habitat  for Humanity (house builds), and for participation in numerous medical mission trips in the USA and in Nicaragua.  It has been said:  "Jim is always the first to step up, whether to work at an event, crawl under a house, or contribute to a fund drive...and Mary Ann is always right there with him when she's not busy helping another organization."  Both have received the Lifetime Achievement award from the Oak Ridge Playhouse.  Jim received the Construction Volunteer of the Year award for the State of Tennessee from Habitat for Humanity in 2014.  Jim and Mary Ann Hardy truly exemplify Rotary's motto: Service above Self. 

Former winners of the award are: 

2000 Hugh and Lucy Parker

2001 Bob Dreyer

2002 Margaret Allard

2003 Tim Myrick

2004 Judy Statzer

2005 Oak Ridge Rowing Association

2006 Keys Fillauer

2007 Ruth Ann Maddox

2008 Diantha Pare

2009 Minnie Thompson

2010 Mary Helen Rose

2011 No awaard

2012 Free Medical Clinic

2013 Dottie Thompson

2014 Sheila Michel

2015 Jim and Mary Ann Hardy


 To view a copy of the nomination form, click here.


ORBRC's "Chidren of the World" Monument

This sculpture was given to the City of Oak Ridge by the Oak Ridge Breakfast Rotary Club.  It reflects the great concern that Rotary has for children around the world, and it visibly connects ORBRC to the community.  It is located at the corner of Oak Ridge Turnpike and South Tulane Avenue, in Alvin K. Bissell Park, adjacent to the Rotary Commemortive Walk.                                                                                                         

Eric Anthony Nuchols (1961-2007) was the sculptor who created “Children of the World.”  He was a 1980 granduate of Oak Ridge High School.  He served in the U. S. Army, 82nd Airborne Division.  According to his obituary in The Oak Ridger of July 30, 2007, “Mr. Nuchols worked for many years with Pathway Bellows, which became Senior Flextronics Pathway. He was part of a specialty welding team, which took him to many different countries around the world.  He was a local artist who received tremendous recognition throughout East Tennessee for his works of art using the medium of stainless steel and heat, and spent months heating, cooling, pounding and rolling a sheet of stainless steel into a dramatic work of religious art.”


The sculpture was conceived and created under the guidance of ORBRC's President Wanda Craven.  It's design reflects Rotary International's theme of the year for 1950, entitled Children of the World.   

President Wanda had a special interest in needy children.  She initiatted our Christmas Angels project, which serves Willow Brook Elementary School students who might otherwise face a bleak holiday season.and she established a cooperative relationship with an orphanage in Russia.  She .remains an Honorary member of our club.