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About ORBRC - Membership Committee

Membership Committee



Chair:  Tammy Saylor

             Pete Peterson

             Lou Dunlap

             Christina Young    

The Membership Committee is a standing committee whose mission is to strengthen the membership of the club.  This entails the following responsibilities.

-Recruiting new members.  The committee enlists the help of the entire membership in identifying and pursuing prospects for membership.  The committee assists with the nomination process itself to assure that protocols are followed and completed in a timely manner.

-Educating the membership.  Candidates for membership are instructed about the important aspects of Rotary and ORBRC during the orientation process.  Rotary and club literature is maintained for this purpose.  Continuing education of the membership is provided by special programs, visits of the District Governor and Assistant District Governor, and the annual District Conference.

-Membership Status.  Rotary International recognizes two classes of membership:  Active and Honorary.  ORBRC is responsible for setting dues and fees for its membership, which provides a means for recognizing exceptional members within the club.  Dues are set at 50% of normal for Honorary and "Rule of 85" members; they pay for meals only when they attend meetings.  (A member may petition the Board for "Rule of 85" status when the sum of his or her age and years of membership equals 85 or more.)  Full dues and fees are set at 50% for NextGen members, i.e., those who are less than 35 years of age.

-Assisting new members find a niche. Following induction, new members are identified with special (red) badges for four club meetings.  During this time, they are asked to serve as weekly greeters or to assist with registrations at the Sargent-at-Arms table.  This is done to foster acquaintance among the membership and create a welcoming atmosphere within meetings.

-Maintaining a broad classification within the club’s membership.  This includes periodic review and updating of the club’s classifications list in conjunction with targeted recruitment of new members.

-Retaining current members.  The committee works to create an inclusive culture within the club based on acquaintance, involvement, and fellowship.  The committee strives to create a welcoming atmosphere by encouraging members to socialize before and after meetings, engage visitors, mix with different groups periodically, and participate in club events.   The committee also encourages contact with absentees and former members, as appropriate, to foster a sense of belonging. 


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