About ORBRC - The Rooster






1987 John Iacovino
1988 Bo Harris
1989 Jim Bradbury
1990 Tom Upchurch
1991 Ben Adams
1992 Dave McCoy
1993 Tony Wright
1994 Jim Campbell
1995 Herman Postma
1996 Jerry Holbrook
1997 Tami Carroll
1998 John Iacovino
1999 Bo McDaniel/Joe Wolfe
2000 Bubba Scarborough
2001 Kerry Trammell
2002 Frank Chmielewicz
2004 John Burleson
2003 Leslie England
2005 Mike Golden
2006 Rodney Kyzer
2007 Leigha Stewart Edwards

2008Tom Lakers/ Dave McCoy

2009 Parker Hardy

2010 Mike Morris

2011 Freda Hopper

2012 Emily Jernigan

2013 Emily Jernigan/Tom Lakers

2014 Tony Wright

2015 Lou Rabinowitz

2016 Tom Lakers

2017  Dan Robbins


     In 1987, President Bill Thomas established the position currently referred to as “The Rooster” to encourage fellowship, recognize members’ community achievements, remember them on their birthdays and membership anniversaries, and provide a platform for each member to share personal happiness via "Happy Dollars."


    Roosters are selected each year by the incoming president and are identified shortly after the beginning of a new Rotary Year.  They are free to impose fines on members, and sometimes guests, as they see fit.  Funds raised by the Rooster are used to support club operations and good works.


    Fines normally are assessed at the $1 level, however, larger fines may be invoked according to the following "Rooster Rules."






$1:  Personal announcements by the Rooster (birthday,anniversary, etc.).



$5:  Announcements of an advertizing or politicial nature.


Open:  Happy Dollars:  Joyous events announced by members.

Fines are assessed at the
whim of the Rooster!