Youth Exchange
The Rotary Youth Exchange program is an embodiment of Rotary International's commitment to global fellowship on the road to world peace and better understanding among nations. Rotary Youth Exchange changes lives . . . The lives of the students, the club members and the lives of the families that host them.

Oregon City West Linn Rotary has a long and proud tradition of active participation in this worldwide fellowship program. Typically, the club hosts an inbound exchange student from foreign lands in residence at club members' homes wherever possible, and we send a like number of students outbound from here to various Rotary clubs around the world. These students become integrated into the ongoing activity of the club and locale where they live. During the many years of involvement in this program our club has fostered numerous promising and lovable students whose lives are indelibly altered by their experiences during the course of their year at Oregon City West Linn Rotary.

Our outbound students report similar experiences abroad. These students learn about the customs of the country they visit, about Rotary and about world fellowship. Rotarians have a chance to form relationships with these dynamic youngsters.