Biscuit Acres Bark Park

“Biscuit Acres” was a $50,000 development project started by Tulsa Southside Rotary for the benefit of all Tulsa area dog owners and their canine pets.

“Bark Parks” serve as places where dogs and people can meet and interact, providing social and physical benefits to all involved.

Further, they can serve as good opportunities for owners to learn about dogs both through observation and instruction.

From a Dog’s Perspective

By: Elijah Johnson

My name is Ely. I am a dog, a very big dog. I am also gentle and enjoy interacting with people. A wonderful place recently opened in Tulsa, it is called Biscuit Acres Dog Park. It is a place for dogs like me to go and do what dogs do.

At Biscuit Acres dogs are allowed to run, sniff, chase and play tag with other dogs without our leashes. It is great fun for dogs to meet up with our friends and have a good time. I have dog friends that join me there for play time. Going to Biscuit Acres is something my dog friends and I look forward to doing. It is so much fun!

Biscuit Acres has rules, they are posted at and on the gates. It is my Moms’ job to read the rules since I cannot read. The rules are in place to keep dogs and people safe. Unfortunately some humans are not following the rules right now. I do not understand why people continue to ignore the rules. I am expected to follow the rules and I am only 2 years old.

When I am running and playing with my dog friends it is hard for me to keep an eye out for small children. I would feel terrible if I accidently hurt a child by running into them. Some dogs do not understand small children and small children do not understand dogs. My mom says that is one reason why children under 12 years old are not allowed in the park, so children do not get hurt. Still people bring their small, young children into the dog park. There are lots of parks for children. Actually, there is a great children’s park right by Biscuit Acres. There are only 2 parks for dogs in Tulsa.

Little puppies need to wait until they are at least 4 months old to go play at the dog park. Until they are at least 4 months old they can get hurt or get sick. Being around all of the grown up dogs can be scary to puppies. Adult dogs play differently than puppies do which leads to problems. I worry that I might step on a puppy and hurt it.

I don’t care much about food. Some dogs care a lot about food, so much so that they get bad attitudes when there is food around. Food and treats at the dog park can cause fights. Fights are not fun. Why do people bring food into the dog park? Fights are scary. Dogs and people get hurt. I wish people would stop bringing food into the park it makes me sad when my friends get grumpy or worse get into fights.

Let’s face it, my friends and I are dogs. We do things different than humans. We sniff each other in places that make humans uncomfortable. Some of us drool. We roll in the dirt and grass. We pee on stuff just because we want to. We like to run in groups playing chase. We share water regardless of how yucky it seems to humans. Going to Biscuit Acres allows dogs to do all of this and more. I love going to Biscuit Acres Dog Park. I sincerely hope that people will learn to abide by the dog park rules so that dogs can continue to enjoy this park that was built for us, the dogs.

Where is Biscuit Acres?

Biscuit Acres is located at Hunter Park, on 91st. Street between Sheridan and Yale. For a map to Hunter Park, see below.
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Visit the Biscuit Acres Bark Park website

All incidents and injuries should be reported to the City of Tulsa Police Department by calling (918) 596-9222 weekdays; 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.. On weekends and holidays, please call 911.

How to Get Involved with Biscuit Acres

If you’d like to volunteer your time at Biscuit Acres, we would love your participation. Give our Project Chairman, John Benjamin, a call at 918-857-7100.

John Benjamin
Project Chairman