Archive of some 2013 Stories
Rotary Club of Covington Float (Dec 9, 2013)


Cars of the Past Car Show (Oct 6, 2013)


Letter from Christina Asfour, Christina was our 2009-2010 GRSP  (June 4, 2013)

Dearest Georgia Rotarians, 

I hope this e-mail finds you in good health and spirit. 

As always I miss you and Georgia very much and I cannot but remember all the good times, wonderful people and the wonderful experience of the GRSP year. 

I have been working for a Re-Insurance Company at downtown Beirut, Arab Re. 

I work as a non-life underwriter and I am currently assigned to the GCC market ( Gulf Council Countries)

I started work three moths ago and I am very happy. It is a challenging and demanding job but I am enjoying it.

I was selected to go for a one week training in London last month at Guy Carpenter, the number 2 Re-insurance broker in the world. 

It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot. The best thing was the visit to the Lloyd's building. I have always wanted to see it.

I was very lucky because the weather was beautiful. Everyone told me that there is only 1 week of nice weather in London and I was very fortunate to see London in the sun! 


I attached some photos for you to see. I believe I still look the same. I have lost all the weight I gained from the fried food in Georgia, but it took a while!

We went for an indoor Karting and I won third place ( first between the girls and the participants.) The two guys from Guy Carpenter won me. They must practice every day!!

I am the incoming president of my Rotaract Club , The Rotaract Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan. I look forward to my year and hope it will be a good one. I will share the projects & activities with you so you can judge if I am a good president or not!


I am sure most of you are seeing Lebanon in the news headlines lately. My family is safe and all is well. Unfortunately the situation is not very well and everyone is waiting to see how Syria will end because no matter how it ends Lebanon will be affected. There are 1.4 Million Syrian registered refugees now in Lebanon vs the 4.25 Lebanese population.

The attacks that happened yesterday frightened people but today was an ordinary day. I commuted to Beirut as if nothing had happened.

Every year something like this happens around this time in order to kill the tourism season in Lebanon.

We live everyday hoping tomorrow will be better and thankful that things are not worse than they already are.


Camp Sunshine Volunteers (Jun 22, 2013)


Nurse of the Year 2013 ( May 21, 2013)

Carolyn Hubbard, RN was awarded Nurse of the year by Rotary Club of Covington's Tommy Davis & Gena McLendon

Skeet and Trap Shoot (May 18, 2013)

from Right: Bill Towhey, Michelle Frank - 1st place winner on the Trap Shoot, Wayne Pugh, 2012-2013 Rotary Club of Covington President, Bob Stafford 1st place winner on the Skeet Shoot

Our GRSP Student Paz came out to try his luck and brought his friend Casper who is also a GRSP Student.

Bill Towhey's wife Debbie, Bob Stafford's wife Vicki and Joe Davidson helped with registration and taking payments at the event.  pictured, Wayne Pugh, Debbie Towhey & Vicki Stafford

Our GRSP Student Paz during the Learn to Shoot class with guidence from an instructor.

GRSP Student and friend of Paz, Casper in the Learn to Shoot class with an instructor giving tips.

Janet Brewer helped with the Skeet & Trap machines and her husband Jeff gave instructions to the students in the Learn to Shoot class.

Wayne Pugh's son got his practice in during the Learn to Shoot before having his chance at the Skeet and Trap shooting.

Here are some of participants during the Trap Shoot

Top Ten Banquet
(May 7, 2013)

The Covington Rotary Club recognized 30 students and more than 25 teachers at its 48th annual Top 10 Banquet and Awards ceremony Tuesday night at Alcovy High School.

The top 10 students from Alcovy, Newton and Eastside high schools were honored for their academic achievements by the Rotary Club and the Newton County School System.

Students also picked their favorite high school teachers, who were also recognized during the event.

The top 10 students for Alcovy High School included Sandra Aguilera; Briana Clark, valedictorian; Sandra Davis; Derrick Felix; D’Lexus Harvey; Jeffery Jones; Jansen Lindner, salutatorian; Avree Martinez; Lindsey McDonald; and Brandie Weathersby. Favorite teachers for AHS included Bill Gibbons, Amanda Briggs, Troy Davis, Kelly Musgrove, Jennifer Mason, Anita Anderson, Scott Rains, Marie Heard, Ryan Denison and Anna Herbert.

Eastside High School top 10 students included Cameron Boyd; Haley Brickell; Musashi Briem; Marshal Bryan, salutatorian; Joseph Ellwanger, valedictorian; Jazmin Ireland; Bryant Johnson; Leamon Jourdan; Julianna Laseter; and Mary Lathem. Favorite teachers named by the top 10 students at EHS included Lin Lindsay, Joel Singleton, Eric Adams, Tyler Smith, Michael Poor and Judy Smith.

Newton High School top 10 students included Alexia Ardon; Amber Broughton; Aaron Cole; Imari Daniels; Alexis Duffey; Martha Gourley; Alex Grady, valedictorian; Brittain Hunt, salutatorian; Chrishandra Perkins; and Daijeonna Walker. Favorite teachers at NHS included Paige Meakins, Everen Williams, Kandi Manning, Laurin Blanks, George Miles, Kia James, Aaron Robinson, Colleen Anman, Theresa Shields and Nick Jones.

Rotary club member Covington Police Chief Stacey Cotton emceed the event and past Covington Rotary Club president Bob Stafford explained the history of the club and congratulated students.

NCSS Superintendent Gary Mathews explained the credentials for the students being named as top 10 students and club member Keith Adams spoke to students about the art of good communication and how it would help them succeed in their future.

“Learn how to listen and talk to others,” Adams said. “No matter how many times your career path changes, [there will always be] the constant need to effectively communicate with others.”

The ceremony ended with refreshments and photographs.

Covington News, May 7, 2013

Rotary District 6910 Conference Harlem Shake (Apr 30, 2013)

Manifold Greatness (Mar 7, 2013)

Our program for April 30th meeting was about Manifold Greatness Exhibit

 Rotary Club of Covington's Valentine Party 2-15-13

Empty Stocking Fund (Jan 16, 2013)

Photo Here

The Covington Rotary Club in partnership with the Interact clubs at Alcovy, Eastside and Newton high schools, Capes Properties, the Covington Police Department, General Mills, Newton READS and Walmart helped Santa Saturday with special toy deliveries to 444 local children.

This is the 66th year the Rotarians have done their part to make Christmas just a little bit happier for the children in their community.