About Our Club

The Rotary Club of Wicomico County was born out of the initiative of Past District Governor John Culver and the Salisbury Rotarians who agreed to share and extend the Rotary ideals in this area.

Many Salisbury Rotarians were involved in surveying and initiating the motions that resulted in the forming of the Wicomico Club. Involved were John Culver, P. D. G.; Simpson Dunahoo, Salisbury Club President; Arthur Goetz, Governor's Representative and Committee Chair; and Owen Ashley, Glenn Benedict, Jr., Art Cooley, Bill von Paris and Wayne Reichard, all of the Salisbury Club committee. Prospective members of the new club attending the pre-organizational and organizational meeting numbered as many as 35, most of whom became one of the 23 Charter members.

At the meetings the prospective members chose Tuesday at noon as their meeting times and began meeting at the Shanty Restaurant in Salisbury. Walt Brittingham was elected President with a full slate of officers. Their charter was approved by Rotary International on October 24, 1988, just six weeks after the Salisbury Club agreed to share its territory.