Youth Exchange - Inbound Students
Before Inbound Students can come to Carmel, we must have Host Families.

How to become a Host Family

Host families complete an application, provide 3 references and agree to a background check similar to that conducted if you volunteer to help at any of the Carmel schools. I visit homes to see where students will be staying. Host families are required to attend an orientation usually held locally before students arrive. Rotary provides orientation and ongoing meetings for the students throughout their year. Students (both those coming into the country and ours leaving to live in another country) complete an application, provide references and go through a competitive interview process with Rotarians.

What do Host Families do?

A Host Family welcomes the Rotary Exchange Student into their home and more importantly into their family. A Host Family not only introduces the student to our Midwestern US culture but more importantly into the traditions of their individual family. Students attend Carmel High School and arrive in time for the beginning of school in August. The Rotary Exchange program is one if not the only program that the US State Department permits the student to stay with 3 different host families. Most other programs require the student to remain with one family the entire year. Our host families typically host for 4 months. For example, the first host family would have the student from the beginning of school through Thanksgiving; second family would host through March and the final family would have the student from April through mid-July. This is somewhat flexible depending on the families and their needs.

What support is provided by the Rotary Club

The Carmel Rotary Club provides a counselor and the YEO to assist the family and the student and act as a liaison with the school and the Rotary Club. We give the student $100 per month allowance and a limited use cell phone. We pay for the student's books and class fees. Since Carmel High School treats all exchange students as seniors regardless of their age, we pay for their cap & gown fees. We ask the host families treat the student as they would their own child in terms of food, chores, house rules, etc. The ideal would be for the student to have their own bedroom but they could share a room with another child of the same sex.

Who will start the process or answer questions

Carmel Rotary Exchange Chair
Greg Phillips