The Claude & Myrna Bradley Award
Claude Bradley, a long time member of the Rotary Club of Claremont, and his wife, Myrna, left an endowment to the Club of sufficient size to enable the Club to award a $1000 contribution to the Rotary Foundation in the form of a Paul Harris Fellowship annually to a "non-Rotarian" for outstanding volunteer service to the community. The endowment was established in 1986 as a memorial to Claude's parents, Robert and Rene Bradley, for the many sacrifices they made to save Claude's eyesight following a terrible accident he suffered at age 16. The recipient of this award shall be a person who has performed volunteer service to others considered exemplary in nature, not a single act but continuing service for a period of years, and whose volunteerism shall have been to the Claremont area community-at-large rather than a select few individuals. The recipient shall be a resident of Claremont whose accomplishments are known to a substantial number of community members. In short, this person shall be one whose character mirrors the Rotary principle of "Service Above Self".
Claude & Myrna Bradley Award Receipients
1987-1988  Mary Sandoe
1988-1989  Jody Nowells
1989-1990  Ailene Noreen
1990-1991  Marjorie Stoddard
1991-1992  Caroline Beatty
1992-1993  Rosa Torrez
1993-1994  William & Marjorie Ryan
1994-1995  Lillian (Billie) Maguire
1995-1996  Richard Kirkendall
1996-1997  Rosemary Henderson
1997-1998  Lois Tidgwell, Janice Weinberger, Tony Frederico
1998-1999  Jill Stark
1999-2000  Harrison Stephens
2000-2001  Kathy Ables
2001-2002  Suzan Smith
2002-2003  Suzanne Hall
2003-2004  None
2004-2005  None
2005-2006  Helaine Goldwater
2006-2007  None
2007-2008  None
2008-2009  None
2009-2010  Cindy and Patrick Sullivan