The James Stickels Awards
The Stickels Award is in memory of James Stickels in recognition of service to the Club by a newer member. The award is presented to a Club Member with no more than 3 years of service who has demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm for Rotary, combined with leadership skills that have, and will continue, to contribute to our club's success.

James Stickels Award Recipients
 1997-1998  Brian Bobo
1998-1999  Don Ralls
1999-2000  Marla Lefler
2000-2001  Marc Winters
2001-2002  Bobby Hyde
2002-2003  Anita Hughes
2004-2005  Betty Sheldon
2005-2006  Frank Fischer
2006-2007  Scott Brown
2007-2008  Cameron Troxell
2008-2009  Wynn Scalia
2009-2010  Paul Brisson