GRSP Oslo Summer School Scholarship

The Norwegian Rotary Advisory Board is once again inviting three young Georgia students to study in Norway next summer. Each Georgia Rotary club is asked to select a candidate for this award. The final selection will be made by a committee of GRSP Trustees in each District.

Visit the Oslo Summer School Website,, for details. Do not submit application through that website. Apply through GRSP. Application form is available from our Oslo/Wales scholarship chair, Larry Winter, or from Sheri Blevins. If the Dalton Rotary nominee is selected, he or she will then apply to the summer school.

Purpose: While the immediate goal of this International School is to impart knowledge about some aspects of Norway, it also seeks to increase understanding and good will among nations through daily living together.

June 26-Aug 6, 2010 at the University of Oslo.
Language: English is the language of the summer school
Requirements: Ages 20-24; Singles only; must have completed college sophomore year; three color passport size photos taken within 6 months; seriousness of purpose; personal qualities likely to make a good representative of our country abroad; excellent health.

The completed application must be mailed on or before January 4, 2010 to:
PO Box 61327
Savannah, GA 31420

The program includes air fares Atlanta to Oslo and return; field tour to Bergen; room; board and tuition at the International Summer School at the University of Oslo; visiting for one week with Norwegian Rotary host families.

The recipients of the scholarships must pay their travel expense to and from Atlanta and provide their own personal spending money.

Housing: Lecture and seminar activities and housing will be at the University located at Blindern, ten minutes by electric car from the center of Oslo. Men and women students will be housed at the Blindern dormitories. Meals will be provided at the University Center Cafeteria.

General Courses include: Norwegian Art; Norwegian Language, History, Folklore and Literature of Norway and Scandinavia, Economics; Politics; Culture and Society; International Relations and Development Studies

Graduate Courses include: Educational System of Norway; Physical Education in Norway; Medical Care and Health Services in Norway; Peace Research; Energy Planning and the Environment; Special Education; Kulturlivet i samtidesn Norge; Norwegian Petroleum Law and Transboundary Pollution

The University of Oslo will issue a Certificate of Achievement to all who satisfactorily complete the Summer School courses. Credits may also be certified.