Past Presidents of Duluth Rotary Club

1986-1987 Tom Martin Bank Executive
1887-1988 Tom Martin Bank Executive
1988-1989 Russ Weaver Public Utility-Electric
1989-1990 Clayton Preble Public Utility-Gas  
1990-1991 Eric Norwood  Healthcare-Hospital Administration
1991-1992 Kent Evans Swimming Pool Supply
1992-1993 Jesse Long Education-Private
1993-1994 Jackie Bradford Real Estate Broker
1994-1995 Casey Brogdon Bank- Commercial Lending
1995-1996 Dave Rosenquist Insurance Agent
1996-1997 Katherine Sherrington Government-Tax Commissioner
1997-1998 Mike Lowery Real Estate-Property Management
1998-1999 Randy Foster Construction-Commercial
1999-2000 Dave McCulley Financial Advisor
2000-2001 Mark Tyrrell Building Material Supply
2001-2002 Joanne Taylor Information Technology
2002-2003 Jef Fincher Real Estate-Developer
2003-2004 Phillip Williams Bank-Commercial Lending
2004-2005 Roy Miller Packaging Equipment Sales & Service
2005-2006 Laura Dennison Audiologist
2006-2007 Bob Dickinson Veterinarian
2007-2008 Herman Pennamon Public Utility- Electric
2008-2009 Linda Storey Real Estate- Residential Marketing
2009-2010 Tommy Terrell Right of Way-Acquisitions
2010-2011 Steve Franzen Juvenille Court Judge
2011-2012 Pam Baxter Justice Administration
2012-2013 John Taylor Utilities
2013-2014 Ric Baxter Tax Collections
2014-2015 Matt Reeves Attorney
2015-2016 Tony Muse Civil Engineer
2016-2017 Mike Ballenger Banking