About ORBRC - Administration & Operations


Administration & Operations

Responsibility for conducting well run weekly and special club meetings falls to a group of members who act individually, but with a common goal:  to provide excellent meetings.  They constitute a “virtual” Operations Committee, reporting to the Vice President – Internal.

            Sargent-at-Arms.  (Stuart Clark, Charlotte Bowers).  This group is responsible for operations at the registration desk, including  checking in members and guests; recruiting members to introduce visitors and guests, lead the Pledge of Allegiance, the inspirationBirdwell Catering, and the Four-way Test; managing the badge collection; mounting  banners, assuring that the room is prepared for the meeting; and leaving an orderly meeting area afterwards.

            Meals.  (Birdwell Catering).  A full breakfast buffet is provided at all weekly meetings.  Special meals or refreshments are provided for special occasions.

            Audio/Visual Equipment.  (Albert Beasley).  These members assure that audio, video, computer, and projection equipment is present, functions properly, and accommodates the needs of our speakers.  They are also responsible for a scroll of information that is projected prior to the weekly program.  

            Programs.  (Cathy Toth, Derrick Hammond, Pat Postma).  Responsibility for “programs” falls to a Standing Programs Committee which may comprise a single person or a several-person group.  Its primary function is to arrange for a variety of speakers/topics for weekly club meetings, including visits by the District Governor and other Rotary notables. 

            Public Relations and Image  (Dick Davis).  This position assures that the charitable and outreach activities of the club are well represented in the local media.  It also participates in club the preparation of nominations for district awards as appropriate.

           Fellowship.  (Betsy Prine).  This group is led by  our ORBRC Party Girls.  They assure that club members are provided with ample opportunites to build and enjoy fellowship together.  Examples are the Mystery Dinner, the Bake Sale, the ORBRC Auction, quarterly receptions, Pizza Parties, and social events of various kinds.

           The Rooster.  (Dan Robbins).  The ORBRC Rooster takes over each weekly meeting just prior to introduction of the speaker.  The Rooster "wakes up" the membership by recognizing personal events, achievements, birthdays, anniversaries, publicity, etc.  Fines for these events may be imposed at the whim of the Rooster.  "Happy Dollars" time follows, which allows members to inform the membership of other personal matters that brought happiness to them.  Money collected by the Rooster supports the club's outreach activities.  For more information about the Rooster, including a list of former Roosters, click here.