About ORBRC - Rotary Foundation Committee



Rotary International Foundation Committee

Chair:  Ben Redmond

Data:   Joe McGrory

 This is a standing committee whose primary responsibility is to generate support, financial and otherwise, for the Rotary International Foundation (RIF).  This entails several inter-related activities.

 -Funding.  The incoming Board of Directors sets the club’s goals for financial support of the Rotary Foundation during the coming Rotary Year, as requested by Rotary International and Rotary District 6780.  The Foundation Committee works to assure that the club meets these goals by educating and informing the membership about the Rotary International Foundation and its programs, conducting special programs, sponsoring club events of a fund raising nature, encouraging members to become Sustaining Members and Paul Harris Fellows, and generally encouraging membership support.  Progress is publicized periodically during club meetings. 

 -Education.  Educating and informing the membership about the RIF and its programs is an important part of the Committee’s work.  This is accomplished during orientation of new members and by Foundation-related programs for the entire membership.  The club donates the initiation fee of each new member to the RIF in order to encourage new members to become actively involved in RIF matters.  The club strives for a high percentage of Paul Harris Fellows within the membership.

 -Records Management.  A club database is maintained that follows individual contributions to the RIF.  A parallel database of individual and club contributions is maintained by the RIF.  These records are essential for informing members about their contribution history and the status of their Paul Harris Fellow account, and for assuring that club goals are met.  Most contributions are processed through the club’s records management activity as a convenience for the membership.

 -RIF Programs.  The Foundation Committee is directly involved in the club’s efforts in support of RIF’s charitable programs, including the Polio Eradication, Global Grants, Scholarships, and Group Study Exchanges.  These programs are focused primarily on such global issues as health, literacy, and building peace and understanding around the world.  Local programs are enabled through District Simplified Grants, often in partnership with the RIF.

-Recognition of Donors.  Rotary International recognizes donors in several ways, the most prominent of which is Paul Harris Fellow status.  Members who donate a total of $1,000 to the Annual Giving Program or the Polio Eradication effort become Paul Harris Fellows.  Additional recognition is given for further contributions each time the new contributions total $1,000.  The Foundation Committee is responsible for presentation of new recognition materials to members who reach new recognition levels.