About ORBRC Foundation - Current Grantees

The following organizations received Community Action Grants for 2017: 

                Agape House of Oak Ridge ($1,000).  This grant will be used to purchase $50 gift cards for Agape House guests.  Many guests have few possessions, little or no money, and no food stamps.  Gift cards purchased with CAG funds will provide immediate relief for new guests by allowing them to purchase food and personal hygiene items, and pay fees when they apply for permanent housing.

                Aid to Distressed Families of Anderson County ($2,000).  This grant will provide backpacks and school supplies for approximately forty underprivileged children at the beginning of the school year.                   

                Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention of Anderson County. ($2,500).  This grant Will provide supplies and services for startup of a new program for juvenile substance abuse offenders.  This ill be a joint program with scho0ls and courts of Anderson County.

                Briceville Public Library Foundation ($500).  This grant will help the BPL Foundation retire a loan that enabled construction of a new public library that serves Briceville and the surrounding area.

                Children's Museum of Oak Ridge ($1,300).  This grant, when combined with matching funds, will provide exercise equipment and supplies to complete the museum's new Kids in Action program. 

                Emory Valley Learning Center ($3,000).  This grant will provide fencing for classrooms and a playground devoted to young children.  This fencing will enable to Learning Center to meet licensing requirements and assure the safety of its children.

               Family Promise ($1,000).  This grant will provide a computer and printer for a house where homeless families are helped to work themselves out of homelessness.  Both adults and children will use these devices to develop skills that will lead to progress.

               Free Medical Clinic of Oak Ridge ($1,200).  This grant will help the FMC expand its wellness program into Roane County.

               Roane Council Health Council ($2,500).  This grant will provide supplies for a project that, jointly with the Roane State Dentail Hygienist program, provides free dental services for adults. 

               Trinity Outreach Center of Hope ($2,000).  This grant will provide rent and security deposits for utilities for homeless (or nearly homeless) people, tutors them, and prepares them for self-sufficiency.