About ORBRC Foundation - Current Grantees

 The following organizations received Community Action Grants during 2016: 

                Agape House of Oak Ridge ($1,500).  This grant will be used to purchase gift cards for Agape House guests.  Many guests have few possessions, little or no money, and no food stamps.  Gift cards purchased with CAG funds will provide immediate relief for new guests by allowing them to purchase food and personal hygiene items, and pay fees when they apply for permanent housing.   

                Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties ($2,000).  This grant provides partial  support for ADFAC’s School Supplies program.  This program gives free backpacks and school supplies to underprivileged children on the premise that all children should have the opportunity to return to school prepared and ready to learn, regardless of economic status.  Grant funding is expected to benefit at least 40 local students. 

                ARC of Anderson County ($1,500).  This grant provides partial funding for an additional teacher and assistant, and additional scholarships for middle and high school students in Oak Ridge who are not eligible for college  and do not have the skills needed to find and keep a job. They will receive training and develop skills that will prepare them for work and help them find and keep it.  

                Boys and Girls Clubs of the Clinch Valley ($1,500).  This grant will be used to purchase safety equipment and supplies for the football program at Oak Ridge, specifically helmets, pads, uniforms, chin straps, and shoes.  These items are needed to maintain club’s most popular athletic program, football.  If there are excess funds, they will be used to support lesser league sports. 

                Emory Valley Center ($1,500).  This grant provides partial support for implementation of a “Sports for All” program for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.  Specifically, three staff members will receive training in a special fitness program and the requisite exercise equipment will be purchased. 

                Free Medical Clinic of Oak Ridge ($2,500).  This grant provides support for a medication assistance program, whereby low-income, uninsured patients of FMCOR or their family members can obtain needed prescription medications that are not available to them at affordable prices or through other patient assistance programs. 

                Girls Inc of Oak Ridge and Knoxville ($1,000).  This grant provides funding for a special program that introduces young girls to the political process, emphasizing the importance of voting and leadership.  Funds will provide supplies for the educational activities as well as field trips to meet elected officials.         

                Trinity Outreach Center of Hope ($2,000).  This grant will provide funds for housing homeless families with children in a hotel during the winter months, while they wait for affordable housing to become available through an Emergency Solutions Grant.   Funds are sufficient for two families for one month or one family for two months.