About Us
We watch the news every day. We are pummeled with natural disasters, hunger, war, disease and an unclean environment. We see videos of world events and silently thank heavenly powers that most of it doesn't apply to us in our country. We don't give any thought to ourselves or organizations helping people in need but figure there's probably someone or some group helping somehow.

The Ontario CA Rotary Club and Rotary Club International are the people that are helping. Did you know that 99% of Polio has been eradicated? Thanks to a partnership with world organizations UNICEF and WHO, the Ontario CA rotary club has painstakingly continued to raise funds and receive grants from various foundations including Gates Foundation to provide Polio vaccinations to children around the world.

According to a press release from the Ontario California rotary club, Margaret Chan spoke about the grants provided by the Gates Foundation. She said, "Polio eradication will be the perpetual gift to all future generations of children who can grow up free from the risk of this crippling disease."

Back in February 1905, founder practicing attorney Paul P. Harris, came up with an idea to help communities in need. He got a group together and because the meeting places rotated they were called the Ontario California rotary club. The first thing that he accomplished was comfort stations for the public. In 1907 the first public toilets became the reality of his vision in Chicago.

The Ontario CA rotary club and Rotary International remain on task as we begin the 21st century. There are environmental degradation concerns, illiteracy, world hunger and children at risk. The Ontario California rotary club goes to countries like Haiti after a devastating earthquake and are still there helping that country rebuild. The Ontario CA rotary club answered the need of flood victims in Pakistan along with those that suffered the aftermath of Katrina when members raised $19 million in donations and grants for the relief and recovery in that area.

The humanitarian effort by the 1.2 million members of the Ontario California rotary club and Ontario CA rotary club International doesn't stop there. They approach other needs of international areas like peace and conflict resolution. The Ontario California rotary club established a Peace Camp in West Africa offering scholarships to people in third world countries and hosting "Friend Exchanges" with other Ontario CA rotary club members to bring different cultures together from around the world so that everyone can learn from one another and continue toward the world someday living in peace.

The motto "Service Above Self" holds true as Ontario California rotary club members answer the needs of so many people who would be overlooked or pushed back because "maybe somebody else will do it".

The criteria for joining the Ontario CA rotary club are simply this - to answer human needs. Caring if people have clean drinking water and available sanitation, prevention of Polio and other offending diseases and educational scholarships. Ontario California rotary club members feel that education and friend exchanges is an important key to spring board the next generation into obtaining world peace. Contact your local Ontario CA rotary club or Ontario California rotary club International. There are 32,000 clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. Join the world's first service club and help fill a need.